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What to expect

The information on this page will help you understand what to expect and how things work during your appointments, including how to re-schedule appointments and late cancellation fees. 

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Booking Sessions

As a new client, we will initially schedule the following

  • the intake appointment

  • four follow-up appointments which are usually scheduled 2 weeks apart (therapist schedule permitting).


We schedule these initial appointments in order to ensure that you have dates and times that are most suitable for you as our schedules fill up rather quickly. As you continue with your appointments, we encourage you to always book at least 3 to 4 appointments ahead of time to ensure that you are scheduled for the date and time that is most suitable for you. It is strongly recommended that you schedule these as soon as possible by contacting our office administrator at the end of your session.

For access to our client portals, please speak to our office administrator. 


Before Your First Session

At or before your first session, we will ask you to fill out a 2-page questionnaire about who you are, how to contact you, who your family doctor is and a little bit about the kinds of difficulties you are having. The form is typically sent out with your confirmation email once appts have been set, or you are welcome to fill out the questionnaire in our offices before your appointment. When you arrive, you will see copies of the form on the wall in the waiting room. You will need to arrive about 20 minutes earlier to fill out the form before your first meeting. Filling this out before we meet will leave us a bit more time to get to know you, but we are happy to fill this form out together when we meet.

Your First Session

Part of your first session will be devoted to reviewing how counselling works, what we do as licensed psychologists, what our credentials are, how confidentiality works and what the limits on confidentiality are.


The other part of the first session is devoted to understanding the nature of your difficulties and concerns, how we can be helpful and how we will proceed.

A single session typically lasts 50 minutes, after which we will spend 10 minutes writing a note which documents your visit and what we did.

Therapy Session

What to Expect from Therapy

Whether or not you require additional sessions will depend on what you would like to achieve in treatment. Questions about parenting can often be addressed quickly. Other difficulties, such as clinical depression or workplace stress, for example, may take several weeks to address or in some instances even longer. However, most people can expect to achieve some degree of real improvement in about 4 to 6 weeks. Again, depending on the difficulties you are experiencing, a full recovery can take much longer, but some degree of improvement should happen quickly.


After your first session, we will be able to give you a general idea of how much treatment may be necessary. No matter how severe your difficulties are, we will always work towards very clear goals that can be achieved in four-week blocks of time. At the end of four weeks, we'll evaluate how things have progressed and add additional time as needed or desired.


The fees for services varies according to the provider and service provided. In general the following fees apply: 

  • $240.00 /hour for psychologists

  • $160.00+HST/hour for psychotherapists

  • $180.00+HST/hour for social workers

Our fees are payable by debit or credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD only WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS), for which a receipt is issued. Dr. Rosval only accepts payment by credit card.


Many of our services are covered by private insurance companies. It is the clients' responsibility to determine what type and the amount of coverage that they have.



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Cancellation Policy

In case of an unexpected situation where you may not be able to attend your scheduled appointment, we require 48 hours (2 business days- SATURDAY and SUNDAY do not apply) notice so that we may be able to offer the time to another patient. We have patients on our waiting list wishing to book an appointment, therefore last-minute cancellations are only accepted in the case of an emergency. A $100.00 fee will be applied to your account for any cancelled/re-scheduled/missed appointments without the required 2 business days.

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